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In Focus | Reverend Robert Walker By Henry RaeburnThumbnail for article : In Focus | Reverend Robert Walker By Henry Raeburn
Henry Raeburn's well-known portrait, popularly known as ‘The Skating Minister' has become an icon of Scottish art.  The painting is consistently sought out by gallery visitors, keen to see this small image in person.  
Tour Of Cubism At The Scottish National Gallery Of Modern ArtThumbnail for article : Tour Of Cubism At The Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art
Cubist art emerged in Paris around 1907.  The two main 'inventors' of Cubism were the French painter Georges Braque (1882-1963) and the Spaniard Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).  
In Focus | Edinburgh Castle And The Nor' Loch By Alexander NasmythThumbnail for article : In Focus | Edinburgh Castle And The Nor' Loch By Alexander Nasmyth
Edinburgh Castle today looks mostly the same as it did in the past, although there is no longer the putrid loch at the base of the rock.  Notorious as a disposal site for rotting waste, dead bodies, and as a place for drowning witches, the Nor' Loch as it was called is now home to a railway and public gardens.  
Ray Harryhausen | Titan Of CinemaThumbnail for article : Ray Harryhausen | Titan Of Cinema
Described as one of the most influential people in cinema, Ray Harryhausen's films have inspired generations of filmmakers, animators, writers, and artists, to push the boundaries of their own creations.   He is not only remembered for his iconic style of animation and his unique approach on set, but his humility and willingness to share his passion with a new generation.  
What Makes An Artwork Iconic?Thumbnail for article : What Makes An Artwork Iconic?
In 1980, the National Galleries of Scotland bought a painting by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein for £100,000, and were greeted with uproar that so much money had been spent on a comic book.   From its controversial origins, how has 'In The Car' become such an iconic artwork? In this new series of six films, Questions about Art, we'll explore some frequent musings about art - using questions asked by our audiences.  
Highland Library submission included in Future Book
Today marks the start of Book Week Scotland which is an annual celebration of books and reading supported by Creative Scotland and SLIC.  As part of the celebration a free book is collated from entries received and distributed by the Scottish Book Trust.  
Culture Collective Fund - A Fund To Support A Network Of Creative Practitioners, Organisations And CommunitiesThumbnail for article : Culture Collective Fund - A Fund To Support A Network Of Creative Practitioners, Organisations And Communities
Fund overview The Culture Collective is a pilot programme which will establish a network of creative practitioners, organisations and communities, working together to create a positive difference locally and nationally in response to COVID-19.   The programme will focus on community engaged creative activity, supporting participatory approaches and projects where creative practitioners and communities work collaboratively.  
Youth Arts Access Fund - Deadline For Applications 12 NovemberThumbnail for article : Youth Arts Access Fund - Deadline For Applications 12 November
The Youth Arts Access fund is one strand of the Youth Arts Fund.   The Purpose of the fund The overall £3m Youth Arts Fund has largely been provided to enhance the existing Youth Music Initiative programme (YMI) managed by Creative Scotland.  
Comataidh na Gàidhlig air beachdachadh air Ro-innleachd Conaltraidh agus Com-pàirteachais airson na Gàidhlig
Aig a coinneamh an-diugh, chaidh iarraidh air buill Chomataidh na Gàidhlig beachdachadh air grunn mholaidhean, agus dòigh-obrach aontachadh, gus Ro-innleachd Conaltraidh agus Plana Com-pàirteachais a leasachadh.   Tha an còmhradh seo a' leantainn air adhart bho bhùithtean-obrach a chumadh air-loidhne san t-Sultain 2020 gus beachdachadh air mar a bheir Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd prìomhachas do na prìomh ghnìomhan ann am Plana na Gàidhlig 3 agus mar a thèid an cur an gnìomh mu choinneamh ‘A' Cleachdadh na Gàidhlig, Ag Ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig agus A’ Brosnachadh na Gàidhlig’.  
Buill Chomataidh na Gàidhlig a' moladh soirbheachas a' chiad Mhòid Nàiseanta Rìoghail Air-loidhne
Anns a' choinneimh aca an-diugh, mheòraich Buill Chomataidh Gàidhlig Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd air a' chiad Mhòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail Air-loidhne, a bha air a chumail eadar 9-17 Dàmhair 2020.   Bhathar an dùil Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail na bliadhna sa a chumail ann an Inbhir Nis ach air sàillibh galar Covid-19, b’ fheudar dhan Chomunn Ghàidhealach a chur dheth agus a ghluasad air-loidhne.  
Fèis Blas air loidhne airson 11 làithean de cheòl is de chultar Gàidhealach
2020, Thèid ceòl Gàidhealach a chomharrachadh, a dh'aindheoin gach cnap-starradh, air feadh na Gàidhealtachd is nan Eilean san t-Samhain le Fèis Blas a’ dol air adhart air loidhne, le sàr-roghainn de chuid den luchd-ciùil is de na seinneadairean seann nòs as fheàrr ann an Alba.   ‘S àbhaist do dh’Fhèis Blas a bhith a’comharrachadh cultar Gàidhealach agus cor beothail ceòl seann nòs Albannach thar 8 no 9 làithean ann an tallachan air feadh na Gàidhealtachd is nan Eilean ach gabhaidh e àite air loidhne thar 11 làithean an ath-mhìos, tro chaochladh chonsairtean, cèilidhean, seiseanan-obrach is tachartasan eile air an sruthadh beò no air an clàradh ro-làimh.  
£75 Million For Iconic Arts Venues And Cultural Organisations In England From Culture Recovery Fund
Iconic arts venues and cultural organisations get £75 million boost from Government's Culture Recovery Fund with 70 per cent of awards outside London.   Culture Secretary announces grants of up to £3 million to save 35 of the country's cultural icons 70 per cent of funding awarded to organisations outside London Grants announced today include the largest awards from the Culture Recovery Fund to date Recipients include iconic venues like the Design Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Old Vic and the Sheffield Crucible 35 of the country’s leading cultural organisations and venues will be the first to receive grants between £1 and £3 million from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has announced.  
Opportunity for local artists with Lyth Arts Centre
CAITHNESS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE CALLOUT! LAC is looking to commission 10-12 artists in Caithness and North Sutherland to each design a 2-page activity for a Christmas-themed, physical and digital, activity book: Caithness, Under the Christmas Tree.   Caithness, Under the Christmas Tree will follow a similar style and format to LAC's successful lockdown project: Caithness, Through My Window, but with a little bit of Christmas sparkle.  
Supporting Flagship Cultural Venues in Scotland - Emergency Covid-19 Funding
Three flagship venues will receive funding as part of the ongoing emergency coronavirus (COVID-19) support for cultural and heritage organisations.   Capital Theatres - which operates the Festival Theatre, the King's Theatre and The Studio in Edinburgh - will receive £500,000 in addition to £250,000 already awarded through the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund to help weather the effects of the pandemic.  
Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths And True StoriesThumbnail for article : Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths And True Stories
Caithness residents have shared their scariest paranormal experiences in a new book released this week by former Wick High School pupil Aaron Mullins, which has gone straight into a top 100 bestsellers list on Amazon.   Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories features legendary stories that reveal Scotland's mysterious past.  
Lyth Arts Centre Look To The Future Following Funding AwardThumbnail for article : Lyth Arts Centre Look To The Future Following Funding Award
Worries over the financial outlook for Lyth Arts Centre (LAC) have been eased for the time being after the venue was awarded £97,000 in Scottish Government funding.   The sum - from the Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund - represents the full figure requested by co-directors Charlotte Mountford and Tom Barnes, who say the money secures LAC's short-term future up to the end of March next year.  
The Girl From Ipanema Is A Far Weirder Song Than You ThoughtThumbnail for article : The Girl From Ipanema Is A Far Weirder Song Than You Thought
If you know the song - and who doesn't you will be surprised about its history.   Adam Neely sets it all out..  
Saturday With A Difference Davie504 - Bass with HumourThumbnail for article : Saturday With A Difference Davie504 - Bass with Humour
Lots of wacky videos on Youtube from expert bass player ..  
The Highland Council CeilidhThumbnail for article : The Highland Council Ceilidh
Tha Mòd Air-loidhne 2020 a' tighinn gu crìch.  Mus tig sinn uile far-loidhne ge-tà, tha Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd agus Fèis Rois a’ toirt cuireadh dhuibh gu aon hòro-gheallaidh eile - Cèilidh na Comhairle.  
A Guide To Growing And Engaging Audiences OnlineThumbnail for article : A Guide To Growing And Engaging Audiences Online
The web site Heritage Digital has published an introduction to a useful guide for artists who want to get online for marketing what they have to offer.   Social media, email and your website are some of the best tools to market your organisation to your target audiences.