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We're Kaitness Fowk For A' That By John Horne,
We're Kaitness Fowk For A' That By John Horne Written c.  1923 Is there a fyarter fae 'e north, Fa hides his birth an' a' that, An' blushes 'cause his faither's hoose Is thecked wi' straw an a' that? For a' that an a' that - Wir modest crofts an a' that E foosum trosk we pass him by - We're Kaitness fowk an a' that.  
The Aurora Borealis By W T Lyall
The Aurora Borealis By W T Lyall.   The magic in the northern sky A sight to catch the human eye Like dancing angels flickering by The Aurora Borealis.  
The Write Place 2b Book LaunchThumbnail for article : The Write Place 2b Book Launch
Book Launch.  Tesco, Wick.  
Ravenskald Writers WorkshopThumbnail for article : Ravenskald Writers Workshop
RAVENSKALD WRITERS' WORKSHOP Poetry - Story - Play with GEORGE GUNN 12th September 2017 - 17th April 2018 Tuesday Evenings 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm Community Room, Thurso Library, Davidson's Lane, Thurso Davidson's Lane, Thurso KW14 7AF Tel: 01847 893237 Join poet and playwright George Gunn on your personal creative journey from the poem, through the short story to the formal destination of the stage play.   In these 16 workshops we will look at how poetry generates story.  
A Northerly Land - Book LaunchThumbnail for article : A Northerly Land - Book Launch
A Northerly Land - George Gunn book launch - Tues.  3rd Dec 2015 at Caithness Horizons..  
Creative Writing Workshop with George GunnThumbnail for article : Creative Writing Workshop with George Gunn
A Flows to the Future event in partnership with Dunbeath Preservation Trust.  Join a writing workshop with Caithness-born writer George Gunn, who will also share his own writings inspired by the peatlands, including some written for the Radio 4 series in 1999, called "The Peatbog Diaries".  
Light In The North - Neil GunnThumbnail for article : Light In The North - Neil Gunn
Writer George Gunn with Jennifer Ross on Clarsach.   Location: Salmon Bothy, Dunbeath Harbour.  
Clapshot by W T Lyall
The late W T Lyall had a knack for capturing life and memories of Wick and Caithness.   Clapshot was one of his little books of Caithness dialect poetry.  
Caithness Dialect Poetry of Alexander MillerThumbnail for article : Caithness Dialect Poetry of Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller was born in Glasgow in 1905 of Caithness parents - his father being Mr James Miller, ironmoulder, and his mother the late Mrs Miller, 62 Rose Street, Thurso.  They came back to Thurso when Alexander was eight years of age, and he was educated at the Miller Academy.  
Kaitness Fowk - Poems and Stories By John HorneThumbnail for article : Kaitness Fowk - Poems and Stories By John Horne
We are grateful to Margo Mackay for sending us the scans of these famous works by the late John Horne.   Although the name John horne is known thoughout Caithness for his dialect poems these have been out of print for over fifty years.  
Caithness Bitties by Isabel SalmonThumbnail for article : Caithness Bitties by Isabel Salmon
There is wealth of poetry and writing in Caithness dialect if you can find it.   Often of nostalgic nature looking back to happy days of childhood or memories of events or ways of doing things that have past or are passing out of memory.  
Tatties An Herreen By CastlegreenThumbnail for article : Tatties An Herreen By Castlegreen
For many years the Caithness dialect poetry by Castlegreen kept everyone entertained.   It may have dropped out of sight and the little book of some of his poems called Tatties An' Herreen" has not been available for many years since it was published in 1961.  
Wick Gala - A Poem by Isabel Salmon
Wick Gala Isabel (mckay) Salmon.   Div ye ae Week o' long ago Or no 'at long id seems When ae Gala id took pleyce in style Doon on ae bleaching green Ae processiom aye geed through ae toon And up Kinnairdie Gran' We thocht id wiss ae finest sicht Ere seen in all ae lan' Wey had all ae herrin' lassies oot, An' ae owld box kert besides, Boot ae "Dennis"wis ae best o' a' She truly wis oor pride.  
AE "Groat" - A Poem by Isabel Salmon
AE "GROAT" by Isabel (mckay) Salmon.   Ae "Groat" id cam' oot long time ago since, An' wi' ids weel kent face Brought tales o' joy an sorrow, And did id all wi' grace, For iss wir weekly paper Takes us back o'er land and sea A link wi' bonnie Caithness, Where we ever long tae be..  
The Cooper - A Poem By Isabel Salmon
The Cooper Isabel (mckay) Salmon.   If ye lived ower in Poltney Toon Way back in '22 An' yer faither wis a cooper An' he wisna on ae "broo" Then ye can hould yir head up high An' walk wi' honest pride For ae copper wis a journeyman An expert at his trade Ae coopers they depended Upon ae fishing crew Till catch ae bonnie herring An' keep ae barrels fu' Ae fisher girls were ready Wi' gutting knife in hand To dress the "silver darlings" For export to a foreign land Those days are gone for ever Yet may history relate Tales of Wick in all its glory With the herring in full spate..  
Home Rule - A Poem By Isabel Salmon
Home Rule Isabel (mckay) Salmon.   Oh tell me fit yir mammy said When ye cam oot tae play She said "ye'll keep yir peeny claen Ids no ma washin' day" Then tell me fit yir mammy said When ye geed aff tae school She said "mind fit yir teacher says An' dinna act ae fool" So tell me fit yir mammy said When ye went till yir work She said "Mind ye get there on time An' see ye dinna shirk" Now tell me fit yir mammy said When ye brang hon' yir pay She said "ye'll get a sixpence noo Ae rest on new year's day!".  
STROMA, book launch at Caithness HorizonsThumbnail for article : STROMA, book launch at Caithness Horizons
"Leaving school I went to sea.  Island life resembled that of a ship in many ways." - Sutherland Manson, native of Stroma.  
Competition 2009 "Another World"Thumbnail for article : Competition 2009
'A Beautiful Monster' suggests our Monster may have come from another world ! Is there life on another planet? What is it? Where is it? Write a story or draw a picture about life on another world...   There will be a prize for the best story and the best picture from age groups Primary 1-2, 3-4 and 5-7 .  
A Search For A 'Monster' Writer!Thumbnail for article : A Search For A 'Monster' Writer!
The competition to find the best 'Monster' story writer from pupils attending primary schools across the North of Scotland has been completed.  The competition was launched at the beginning of the year by Graham Winkle the author of 'The Loch Of Mey Monster' and involved entries from Caithness to Aberdeenshire.  
The Loch Of Mey Monster - ExhibitionThumbnail for article : The Loch Of Mey Monster - Exhibition
The beautiful original drawings from the Loch Of Mey Monster series of children's books can be seen in a small exhibition at Jim Bews book shop, Thurso.   This set of small, simple yet lovely pictures capture the landscape of Caithness and the age and wonder of the children involved in the stories.