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New Baldrick For Wick Pipe Band

23rd January 2003

Photograph of New Baldrick For Wick Pipe Band

On Hogmanay evening the Opera House at Ackergill Tower was the setting for a short ceremony at which the Directors of Ackergill Ltd presented a new baldric, or Drum Major's sash, to Wick RBLS Pipe Band in recognition of the friendly ties which exist between the Company and the Band.

Before making the presentation Mrs Arlette Banister invited the Drum Major, Alistair Lamont, to explain to the assembled house guests the origins and purpose of the baldric. In giving a brief description of its evolution from what had been an ornate sword belt, the Drum Major explained that where, in a military band, the baldric would carry the badges and battle honours of the Regiment as well as the Royal cypher, in civilian bands the baldric carried emblems symbolising the band's affiliations and connections with local organisations. For this reason the Wick RBLS Pipe Band baldric bore the badge of the Royal British Legion Scotland and the Coat of Arms of the Royal Burgh of Wick and between the two badges the inscriptions "Wick RBLS Pipe Band" and "Ackergill Tower 2002"

After Mrs Banister had made the presentation Mr John Banister spoke of the Company's appreciation of the efforts of Band members over the years and the pleasure the Band's performances had given to the many guests who had visited the Tower.

In thanking Mr & Mrs Banister on behalf of the Band, the Drum Major said that the connection with such a prestigious organisation as the Tower was one that was highly prized by the Band.

He also made mention of the fact that the original baldric, which had been presented to the late Drum Major Raymond MacDonald in 1992 and worn by him on every parade including those in Switzerland, Germany and London, would be put on display in the Pipe Band Hall together with Drum Major MacDonald's personal mace which was being loaned to the Band by the family.

The Pipe Band then entertained the host and hostess and their guests to an varied programme of pipe band music and it was fitting that among the pipers and carrying on the family tradition of service with the band was Drum Major MacDonald's daughter, Carolyn, and his grand-daughter Nicola.


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