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Excellent Funding Opportunities For Caithness

30th May 2005

The Highland 2007 Community Programme is an excellent opportunity for small Caithness groups and charities to fund projects that will take place in 2007, or that take place in 2005 and 2006 with a 2007 finale. A local Highland 2007 Management Group has already been set up to consider applications and now welcomes applications for projects from all walks of Caithness life: arts, sport, heritage, science, environment and language. There is room on the application to indicate a request for Revenue funding (projects and events) or Capital funding (building improvements).

The group stresses that although funding is available over three years and that all applications will be considered on their own merits, now is the time to get the application pack and begin to put together an application. The packs are available from:

Tom Bryan
Community Education Office
Ackergill Street

Tel. 01955-609903 (direct line)
Email: [mail]tom.bryan[AT][/mail]

Mr. Bryan is quoted: "All Caithness groups representing all walks of Caithness life are urged to obtain the application pack and apply as soon as possible. Although there are no stringent deadlines, the generous funding is finite over three years and early applications will help the Management Group gain a clearer picture of what is wanted for Caithness. The group itself represents many sides to Caithness life: sport, youth, heritage and others. We would particularly welcome applications from sports, science and the environment, as these areas are thus far under-represented. There is no need to panic---the funds will be dispersed fairly and objectively and there is ample time to meet with your own group and begin to form a strong application. However, for those groups wanting to apply early, there are two interim deadlines for the first batch of applications:

Monday, 13 June, 2005
Monday, 12 September, 2005

There will be other interim deadlines announced in the future.

The Management Group considering the applications is also committed to helping each applicant understand the application process. There will be advertised interim "deadlines" along the way, just to make the process easier. The application is clear and straightforward and the guidance notes that come with it are very helpful. Caithness is a rich mosaic and we want that mosaic reflected in the widest possible range of applications. Even relatively small sums of money awarded may help a small club or group realise goals that might have been impossible otherwise.

Please refer any questions to the above contact.

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