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The Cooper - A Poem By Isabel Salmon

11th October 2011

The Cooper Isabel (mckay) Salmon.

If ye lived ower in Poltney Toon
Way back in '22
An' yer faither wis a cooper
An' he wisna on ae "broo"
Then ye can hould yir head up high
An' walk wi' honest pride
For ae copper wis a journeyman
An expert at his trade

Ae coopers they depended
Upon ae fishing crew
Till catch ae bonnie herring
An' keep ae barrels fu'
Ae fisher girls were ready
Wi' gutting knife in hand
To dress the "silver darlings"
For export to a foreign land

Those days are gone for ever
Yet may history relate
Tales of Wick in all its glory
With the herring in full spate.


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