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Industrial Caithness - An Art Exhibition In Halkirk - Call For Artists And Public Nominations

23rd January 2024

Photograph of Industrial Caithness - An Art Exhibition In Halkirk - Call For Artists And Public Nominations

Industrial Caithness will be the second of Sidh Chailleann Art's exhibitions of local work at The Ross Institute in Halkirk. Artists, photographers, storytellers and musicians will be asked to contribute pieces which show any of the past, present or future industries of Caithness.

Historically, this part of the country has been known for herring fishing, peat-cutting, farming and stonecutting.

Caithness flagstone is known for its beauty and durability, and can be found all over the world. Farming and fishing are living industries, sustaining the community and drawing tourists to the county.

Peat-cutting and herring-fishing cultures are preserved through places like the Halkirk Heritage Centre and the Wick Museum, where photos and exhibits show how these industries prospered and shaped Caithness now.

More recently, fuel industries such as Dounreay and the Beatrice oil rig and wind farm have developed, changing the landscape and providing employment for the community. The Caithness Broch Project identifies and preserves ancient structures, and businesses such as Wolfburn, Rock Rose and North Point distillery are set in this unique topography. Glass making is a huge part of Caithness culture, and there are rumours about a space exploration project nearby'

To think ahead, we will also be asking school children to take part in producing art about the industries they would like to go into when they are older. This part of the project will be managed with collaboration with local schools and groups and we can't wait to see
what the next generation understand to be the industries of the future!

All of these sectors, and many more, contribute to the character of Caithness, and this exhibition would like to portray that character with the communities help in this summer's exhibition.

Artists will be asked to submit either existing work, or work to be produced specifically for the exhibition. Applications will be judged by a panel of local community members, and each artist will be supported in the displaying, narrating and making of the work. We will welcome all mediums, so long as they fit in The Ross Institute! Digital, performative and interactive works will be welcomed, as will paintings and prints, photographs and sculptures.

However you can best present an industry of Caithness that means a lot to you, we will accept the idea or the work and present it to the judging panel.

The deadline for artist applications will be Thursday 29th February.

Community-nominated Industry Legends The community will be asked to nominate "Industry Legends" - people or places who are excellent in their field of work. We would like nominations of
businesses or individuals who represent the very best of Caithness; grit, generosity, innovation, resilience or whatever it is that you think they deserve to be recognised for. The people and places will be photographed for the exhibition, so we would like good reasons for the nominations that you make.

No industry is too big or too small, no person too accomplished
or humble to be included in this - all that's required is your reason for choosing them, and the selection by the panel.

The deadline for nominations will be Friday 22nd March 2024.