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In Focus | Edinburgh Castle And The Nor' Loch By Alexander Nasmyth

27th November 2020

Edinburgh Castle today looks mostly the same as it did in the past, although there is no longer the putrid loch at the base of the rock. Notorious as a disposal site for rotting waste, dead bodies, and as a place for drowning witches, the Nor' Loch as it was called is now home to a railway and public gardens. This painting represents the link between old and modern Edinburgh and is one of the most popular in the collection. Find out more about the painting and the extraordinary artist who created it in this film.

In this new series devoted to Scottish Art, we look at paintings by some of the nation's finest artists. We examine them to uncover what makes each work so special and reveal some of the stories behind them.

This series is part of the Scottish National Gallery Project. The project will completely transform the way Scottish art is shown at the Gallery. A new suite of exhibition spaces will be created, which will be directly accessible from the adjoining Princes Street Gardens, and provide a light-filled, new home for the our unrivalled collection of Scottish art, raising its profile for visitors from all over the world.