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Culture Collective Fund - A Fund To Support A Network Of Creative Practitioners, Organisations And Communities

7th November 2020

Photograph of Culture Collective Fund - A Fund To Support A Network Of Creative Practitioners, Organisations And Communities

Fund overview

The Culture Collective is a pilot programme which will establish a network of creative practitioners, organisations and communities, working together to create a positive difference locally and nationally in response to COVID-19.

The programme will focus on community engaged creative activity, supporting participatory approaches and projects where creative practitioners and communities work collaboratively. A key element of

this will be proactively responding to the impact of COVID-19, providing employment opportunities for creative practitioners and actively engaging people in shaping the future cultural life of their community.

Working collectively is central to the programme at a local and national level. Each of the supported organisations and creative practitioners will be required to collaborate with communities locally but also to work together as a national collective. With the support of a central coordinator who will oversee the programme, this includes the ongoing sharing of progress; attendance at national meetings and events; and participation in an evaluation of the pilot.

COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on the creative sector and cultural life of communities. With venues temporarily closed, events cancelled, and our social interactions restricted, opportunities for creative practitioners and audiences have shifted and, in many cases, reduced significantly. Creative Scotland's Audience Intention Research demonstrates a strong appetite for returning to participation in creative activity, however, there is the potential that future models and levels of cultural participation may change. The creative sector will need to adapt in response. The Culture Collective provides an opportunity for organisations to explore and test new models and to learn from each other, whether this is how it provides opportunities and support to creative practitioners or how it actively engages communities in its work.

What can the funds be used for?

All applications should allocate funds across each of the following areas:

Contracting of Creative Practitioners

A key aim of the programme is to provide paid opportunities for creative practitioners to work with communities. The number will be dependent on the applicant; however, creative practitioners fees must account for a minimum of 50% of the total funding requested.

Appointment of a Coordinator

Each applicant must identify a coordinator to oversee delivery of activity. This includes leading the contracting of creative practitioners; providing ongoing support to creative practitioners and projects; managing the overall budget; and actively participating in the national Culture Collective network. An application can include costs for a dedicated post or alternatively a contribution towards enhancing an existing role. Costs associated with the purchase or rental of IT equipment and office facilities may be included.

Creative Projects

Each application should budget for funds which will be available to the contracted creative practitioners to develop and deliver creative projects with communities.

As this programme is aimed at community-led and participatory projects, we are not defining the type of activity which can be supported. We would, however, envisage that activity may include one or more of the following broad categories:

Artist-in-residence programmes

Reactivating the use of community venues, spaces or assets

Exhibitions, concerts and performances

Festivals and participatory events

Costs associated with delivering the programme of activity and supporting community engagement including, for example, access costs and honorariums should be included. Costs associated with travel should also be included except for attendance at national Culture Collective meetings and events which will be supported through a central budget.

Who can apply?

Organisations based in Scotland whose work involves the arts, screen and creative industries. Applicants should demonstrate a significant track record of working with the communities they are seeking to reach.

The fund is open to consortia applications; however, a lead organisation whose work involves the arts, screen and creative industries must be identified. This lead organisation would have overall responsibility for the management of public funds and supported activity

All applicants must be not-for-profit i.e. be set up as a company limited by guarantee, SCIO or CIC and have a UK bank account.

Who cannot apply?

Individuals and Sole Traders

Organisations based in Scotland whose work does not involve the arts, screen and creative industries

Organisations in administration, receivership, and liquidation Organisations based outside Scotland

For more information and to apply go HERE