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Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths And True Stories

22nd October 2020

Photograph of Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths And True Stories

Caithness residents have shared their scariest paranormal experiences in a new book released this week by former Wick High School pupil Aaron Mullins, which has gone straight into a top 100 bestsellers list on Amazon.

Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories features legendary stories that reveal Scotland's mysterious past. It also contains exclusive personal tales from Caithness residents, their stories published for the very first time, including a haunted Wick primary school and a scary premonition.

This new release follows on from the success of his bestselling Caithness-inspired book, Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands.

Caithness is represented in the new book with a pretty gruesome tale about Adam Melrose, a former bishop of Caithness, based in Halkirk, back when Caithness was still part of the Jarldom of Orkney, which belonged to the Kingdom of Norway.

The North East of Scotland features heavily, with tales about the ghosts of Ackergill Tower and Culloden Battlefield, alongside the haunting of Castle Stuart and the Green Lady of Crathes Castle.

There are also legends from the Orkney Islands, including the myths surrounding the famous Ring of Brodgar standing stones and strange occurrences at Skaill House. Orcadian mythical creatures The Stoor Worm and The Boneless also creep their way into the book.

Each famous folktale is dazzlingly retold for a modern audience.

Gather around the fireside and hear mystery short stories and crime thrillers from a land filled with magic and mystery. Feel the rich history brought to life through folktales passed down through generations.

You'll discover haunted castles, secret caves, mythical creatures, poltergeists, devils, witches, unsolved mysteries, famous murders, ghosts, vampires and many more legends inside.

As Dr Aaron Mullins, he is an award-winning, internationally published psychologist. As a fiction author, he's known for exploring the darker side of psychology in his work.

He brings this unique voice to each of the tales. Some of the stories have morals to teach us, lessons learnt by our ancestors and told around campfires.

From stories of great battles, to pagan rituals that are still performed today, new generations can enjoy the tales and feel connected to the land and its people.

Huddle closer to the fire, read the book and decide for yourself which of the legends are true.

Grab a copy of the book from Aaron's Amazon page

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