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Two New Books On The Highland Clearances - Presentation & Reading

8th August 2013

Photograph of Two New Books On The Highland Clearances - Presentation & Reading

Head along to Caithness Horizons on Sunday 11th August to hear about these two new books.

June Skinner Sawyers

Part reference guide, part handbook, part travel guide and part resource in one portable volume, Bearing the People Away uses an encyclopedia format geared toward the general reader. The entries vary in length from brief sentences to several paragraphs. They include major Clearance sites, major and minor figures associated with the Clearances, Clearance-related sites outwith Scotland (significant parts of the Scottish Diaspora as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand), places and historical events with Clearance and or Highland connections, and recordings, websites and relevant museums and organizations identified with the Highland Clearances.

June Skinner Sawyers is a Scots-born writer who is based in Chicago, USA. She has written or edited more than twenty books, many with a Scottish theme, including popular and regional histories.

Fgradh, Fisneachd, Filidheachd / Parting, Prophecy, Poetry
Duncan Blair, John Alick MacPherson and Michael Linkletter

An T-urr. Donnchadh Blrach (1815-1893) ann am Mac-Talla / Rev. Duncan B. Blair (1815-1893) in Mac-Talla

Deasaichte le Seonaidh Ailig Mac A Phearsain agus Mcheal Linkletter

Edited and translated by John A. Macpherson and Michael Linkletter

Bha an t-Urr. Donnchadh Blrach (1815-1893) na elaiche-cnain barraichte, na dheagh bhrd, agus na dhuine crbhach. Mar sgrobhaiche Gidhlig pongail cha robh duine a thug brr air. Sgrobh e laoidhean,cumhaidhean agus din is rain aotrom. Nochd raon farsaing de na sgrobhaidhean aige ann am Mac-Talla, a chiad phipear-naidheachd Gidhlig air an t-saoghal, a chaidh a chl-bhualadh ann an Sidni, Albainn Nuadh, eadar 1892 agus 1904.

Rev. Duncan B. Blair (1815-1893) was an excellent linguist, a good poet, and a devout man. As an accurate writer of Gaelic he had no superior. Blair composed sacred poems, laments and secular poems and songs. Mac-Talla, the first Gaelic newspaper in the world was published in Sydney, Nova Scotia, between 1892 and 1904. Blairs contributions to Mac-Talla were extensive.

Anns a Ghidhlig thsail, air a h-eadar-theangachadh gu Beurla le Seonaidh Ailig Mac a


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