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Caithness Arts Week - Circus And Drama Workshops

10th September 2006

Photograph of Caithness Arts Week - Circus And Drama Workshops

Theatre Modo & Caithness Arts Week
Theatre Modo is an award winning Scottish based company formed to bring to life the magic of theatre. We combine all the elements that make theatre a truly invigorating and exciting live artform; great texts, a highly physical style that engages and includes its audience, a visually spectacular design flair and a fully integrated musical performance. Developing and directing participatory youth and community projects across Scotland, we also ensure an engagement with the younger generation, expanding access to and involvement in theatre in Scotland, whether as audience or as participant.

Throughout Caithness Arts Week, Theatre Modo will be running a variety of workshops in Circus and Drama. 13 primary schools will have the opportunity to learn various circus skills including juggling and plate spinning. There will be after school and evening workshops open to secondary school pupils in Wick and Thurso covering a variety of activities from drama to stilt walking. Workshops for anyone aged 8 - 80 years will be running at The Mill Theatre, Thurso.

Theatre Modo is a Glasgow based company run by Louise Allan and Martin Danziger. Louise is from Wick and Martin was a drama worker for Caithness for many years. Theatre Modo has brought many professional shows to the area as well as creating the large scale community extravaganza Assipattle in 2003.

Modovation is the training and creativity subsidiary of Theatre Modo. We employ Circus and Theatre skills to liberate creative thinking and expression. As a company we place importance on individual development. As a workshop team we focus on areas of training that discover, encourage and advance an individual's creative resources.

It is our belief that individuals flourish within group activities. Through the use of specific exercises we place an emphasis on building trust and communication. Our methods promote synergy, dynamics, coherence, creativity and diversity. We provide a forum for sharing ideas, opinions and expressions, supporting the achievement of confident group decisions. Theatre Modo furthers the belief that with creative training, support and confidence, an individual can achieve whatever they can imagine.

As trained Theatre and Circus specialists, with years of performance and workshop experience, we bring a variety of exciting, and inspiring activities, exercises and programmes which are highly efficient tools for achieving and communicating goals. Our vision is in utilizing practical and creative exercises to build trust, energy and enhance group dynamics. Our programmes are designed to deliver single or multi-conceptual ideas required for group or individual focus and have the additional advantage of being fun, exciting and inclusive. 0141 429 8428

Details of public workshops. Please note that no experience is required for any of the workshops.

Here are a sample of some of our productions :

Stilt Walkers - Riverside Youth Group, West End Festival, 2005 Series of workshops with a group of teenagers from the Riverside Youth Group leading to their participation in the West End Festival opening parade. The group had already participated in Govan Gathering Light, but this was the first time they had performed outside of their neighbourhood.

Circus workshops - St Kenneth's Monsters, Glasgow - 2004 Series of workshops with 11 - 16 year olds as part of their Easter Activity Programme culminating in a show for the local community. Workshops focused on various circus activities including, stilt-walking, juggling, plate spinning and poi. The Monsters continue to work with Theatre Modo.

Govan Gathering Light - 2003-4 Worked with a dozen groups (after school, youth groups and primary schools) to create performances and routines for Govan Gathering Light. For both events there was a flamboyant and colourful procession involving several hundred young people leading up to a spectacular finale where the more committed groups performed routines with stilts, fire, shadow puppetry and dance to an audience of over 1,000.

Theatre Modo specialises in creating participatory projects. These can be anything from a small performance by a single group to their peers to several hundred participants coming together to create a huge spectacular. Performances can be created in an intensive block or over a longer period.

The Benefits :
Encourages self expression and confidence
Brings together young people by working together to break social barriers
Provides access to the arts
Acts as public testimony to the skills and commitment of participants.
Leaves a lasting legacy of skills and experiences

Theatre Modo's projects involve young people in all aspects of the creative process. Facilitated by professionals, the young people create exciting and engaging performances using a wide range of disciplines. Each performance project is created in close consultation with the group or groups involved. End results can be as diverse as a parade, a theatre performance, a site specific show or simply a series of events at a fun day or gala.

What Circus and Drama workshop
When Saturday 16th September
Where The Mill Theatre, Thurso
Time 10 - 4
Age 15 - adult
Contact Neil Macdonald - 01847 896959 (booking required)

What Circus and Drama workshops
When Monday 18th -Thursday 21st September
Where Thurso High School, Main Hall
Time 3.45 - 5.45
Age Open to all secondary school pupils.
Contact Louise Allan - 07816 834 508 (NO booking required)

What Circus and Drama workshop
When Saturday 23rd September
Where The Mill Theatre, Thurso
Time 10 - 4
Age 8 - 18
Contact Neil Macdonald - 01847 896959 (Booking required)
Still to be confirmed

What Circus and Drama Workshops
When Monday 18th -Thursday 21st September
Where Wick (venue tbc)
Time 7.00 - 9.00
Age Open to all secondary school pupils.
Contact Louise Allan - 07816 834 508 (NO booking required)
No experience necessary for any workshops.


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