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UDO World Street dance championships

27th August 2014

Photograph of UDO World Street dance championships have just competed at the biggest street dance competition of the year. UDO (United dance organisation) have just held the World street dance championships in Glasgow at both SECC and CLYDE venues, with dancers from over 30 countries around the world from afar a field as Canada, Australia, Japan, America, Netherlands, Germany and many more, with 250 crews competing and over 6000 people attending. UDO have also announced it has been the biggest attendance of dancers yet to date with the competition running from Friday morning to Sunday night. STV news channel covered the competition and showed it on the STV Glasgow area, with our Rush girls training in the background.

The kids had qualified earlier in the year at Scottish and Birmingham championships, this then put them on the platform to have a chance at competing at the world championships. kids had qualified to dance in Crew, Solo, Duo's and Quads at the championships.

Results on over the weekend -

Crew - Fenix Rise qualified in the top 5 out of 27 crews in there section on Friday to dance again at the Grand finals on Sunday, but they just missed out the top 7 awards. This has only been their third time competing as a crew together so to make the semi-finals at a world championships was just fantastic.

Quads – U14 open section Kelsey Ross, Laya Cowie, Rhiannon Mackay and Chloe MacGregor made it to the Quarter final stage.

Solo’s – U8 Beginner World Championship Finalist Koby Sutherland 5th place.
OV16 Inter World Championship Finalist Rebecca Miller 7th place.
U6 Open, semi-finalist Hannah Cowie.
U10 Novice, semi-finalist Chloe MacGregor.
U10 Inter, semi-finalist laya Cowie.
U12 Beginner, semi-finalist Beth MacKay.
U10 Advanced, semi-finalist Tyler Hutton.

Duo’s – U8 Beginner Duo World Championship Finalists Koby Sutherland / Hannah Cowie 7th place.
OV Inter Duo World championship Finalists Rebecca Miller / Lauren Miller *Runners up
* U10 Inter Duo World Championship Finalists Chloe MacGregor / laya Cowie.
U10 Beginner, semi-finalists Rhiannon Mackay / Tyler Hutton.
U14 Beginner, semi-finalists Beth Mackay / Kelsey Ross.

Once again the kids have done us proud, (10 dancers and we come home with 8 trophies) as a small dance school from Caithness, just to qualify was massive but to go and have every kid make at least a semi-final in each section at the world championships was fantastic. As for Rebecca (2), Lauren, Koby (2), Hannah, Laya, Chloe to come home with World championship trophies was outstanding. This has been the biggest challenge to date as a street dance teacher this comp is the biggest around with only the very best in each section getting to compete. We have definitely put Caithness on the map, with lots of fab comments about how fantastic the Rush kids have danced and the places they have won over the weekend from other Teachers and spectators from around the UK.

As a dance school we improve every time we compete, we have a dedicated group of young talented kids all wanting to do their best where ever the competition may be, going forward we are looking to take it further and travel to more prestige’s comps around the UK.

*We are looking for new talent at, we are just starting a new term and have spaces in both Thurso & Wick classes whether it’s for Fun classes or to train up to perform with our competition kids at shows, competitions. Street dance is the biggest dance art form going around the world with it all over TV, Commercials, music videos, also all over TV shows like Got to dance and Britain’s got talent.

Willie Miller, Lauren Miller, Hannah Cowie, Rebecca Miller, Koby Sutherland, Laya Cowie & Chloe MacGregor.


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