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Scottish Story Telling Festival

8th October 2012

19th - 28th October 2012
Folktales are a universe of dream, humour, fantasy, fear and wisdom. They power ancient cultures and new media alike. Their fascination remains because they touch our humanity in places that reason fails to plumb or language cannot always fathom.

Where better to experience this art than in Scotland, the ancient home of storytelling, and of Celtic hospitality. Sit at the hearth of stories and be transported into other worlds. The 2012 Scottish International Storytelling Festival celebrates the art and humanity of folktales across Europe, tracing the way in which the publication of the Brothers Grimm Tales 200 years ago, sparked a revival of interest in nations and regions across the continent and influenced every artform. Today storytelling itself is once again flourishing across Europe and the Festival offers an unrivalled opportunity to hear the best of the wordspinners to meet storytellers from Scottish and European traditions to participate in workshops and international networking, and if you wish, to travel on to regions of Scotland where traditional arts continue to thrive.

Programme for many events across Scotland at

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In Caithness see the Wild North Festival that also includes some story telling events

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