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Atlantic - FOREST?Thumbnail for article : Atlantic - FOREST?
Thursday 16th March at 7.30pm in Mackay's Hotel, Wick Just which uncharted waters is the Pictish naval commander steering his vessel into now? Well, seeing is believing - isn't it? In his autobiography, Time Bends, playwright Arthur Miller describes the vivid impression left on his six year-old mind when he saw his first 'movie', an open-air affair screened against a sheet in a make-shift theatre on the roof of the apartment block his Jewish family shared in Harlem, New York, around 1920.   Miller is fascinated by the story flickering in front of him - and totally bewildered when the 'people' disappear: Now the light went out - the whole thing had lasted only ten minutes or so - and I asked my father where these people were'.  
Brodie McHaggis Goes Under The Hammer For Local CharitiesThumbnail for article : Brodie McHaggis Goes Under The Hammer For Local Charities
Update on Brodie McHaggis.   He is quickly capturing the hearts and minds of those who have followed him through his first adventure and they are asking when they can read his next adventure.  
A Light In The North - A Neil Gunn Celebration
A Celebration Of The Work Of Neil Gunn in the Dunbeath Heritage Centre.   Friday 4 November 2005 7.00pm - Wine Reception 7.45pm - George Gunn with Dunbeath and Lybster Primary Schools Performance 8.45pm - Ian Stephen - Story Teller Saturday 5 November 2005 10.00am - Diarmid Gunn (The authors nephew) introduces: Dr Margery McCulloch - "Neil Gunn Re-visited" Tom Bryan - "Neil Gunn Now" Followed by George Gunn "Butcher's Broom Schools Project 2007" Lunch 3 2.00pm - 4.00pm "Butcher's Broom" & "The Key Of The chest" then Neil Gunn Reading Group led by Christine Russell Saturday Evening 8.00pm - Evening Celidh in Inver Arms & Sea Stories with Ian Stephen.  
Preparing For Another Neil Gunn Weekend At Dunbeath
Next month Dunbeath Heritage Centre is hosting another weekend of events entitled Light in the North to celebrate the anniversary of Neil M.  Gunn's birthday on 8th November.  
Scotia Review AGM 20 August 2005
Scotia Review invites you to attend the AGM.   Come & see who we are & what we plan.  
Scotia Review Presents - BARLEY BREE STRATH & SEA
Words & Music at the Mill Theatre from Scotia Review for Caithness Arts Week Anyone who's spent this summer so far in the north must - like myself - be wondering what we've done to deserve such sunless July days.   At times like these it's not hard to understand why our ancestors raised so many hefty stone geometries - if I thought it would appease the gods of weather, I too would gladly salute them, and beg for clemency.  
Silver Darlings Day - Lybster Harbour - Sat. 25th June 2005
Lybster Heritage Trust/Lybster Harbour Society Sat 25 June 2005 - 11a.m.- 6p.m.  Just one of many events for the family on Silver Darlings Day is this from Scotia Review.