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The Day Of Dance - Saturday 23rd April 2016

15th April 2016

Photograph of The Day Of Dance - Saturday 23rd April 2016

The Day of Dance introduces you to four very popular dance styles, Modern Jive, New York Salsa, Smooth Waltz and Argentine Tango. Each style has been simplified to help the novice dancer quickly learn the foundation steps, even if you think you have two left feet!

All classes are run with the emphasis on having fun in a relaxed social atmosphere, whether coming as a couple, with a friend or by yourself. Learning to dance is a wonderful skill to gain with the added bonus that it raises all-round health, both physical and mental, without you realising it.

The dance instructor, Steve Hicks, has been teaching dance through-out the Highlands for the past ten years. Check out each of the dances for more details.

The Smooth Waltz is a flowing Waltz similar to the American Smooth Waltz style. This is an open, elegant form of Waltz using a count of six to help co-ordinate the footwork. This is an ideal starter dance for the novice dancer who, by quickly learning the importance of the Waltz Frame, can soon learn how to connect with their feet and gain confidence on the dance floor. The left box, check and balance steps and underarm turn are all covered in the class.

New York Salsa is danced with the dancers aligning their moves to the shape of a cross which makes this style of Salsa easier to learn. The basic Salsa step is learnt by using a rocking step which, when synchronised with counting, enables you to learn the Salsa step quickly. The class introduces other foundation steps that are linked to the basic step which then become the building blocks of the Salsa. This soon translates into learning the Salsa turns, all covered in this introductory class.

The Argentine Tango is taught with a hint of Ballroom Tango. By complementing the Argentine Tango with a simple count used in Ballroom Tango the novice dancer can quickly gain confidence and enjoy this exciting dance form. Through use of the open embrace you will be shown how to do the Tango Square and learn how to pivot which develops quickly into the Forward Ocho.

Modern Jive is a form of Jive based on the French Leroc style of Jive. Learn how the springy tension between lead and follower helps the Jive to flow with little effort. Find out about the hand holds that are light and flexible and the footwork, mirrored between lead and follower, keeps the Jive balanced through the turns. The class will cover the Arm Jive and the main foundation of Modern Jive, the Turn and Return

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